Starting A Small Home Based Business getting Your First Clients

If you are looking to earn some extra money because you are not satisfied with the money that you earn from your full time job, you could consider starting a small home based business that will allow you to work during your free time or your weekend’s to earn some extra money on the side. You can operate your home based business while you still have a full time job so that you are not necessarily taking any risks but you will still have the opportunity to build up your business until one day you are able to give up your full time job completely.

If you are yet to decide on what kind of business you would like to start, a good place to start would be to make a list of all the skills and capabilities that you have together with the experience that you have at your present full time job and from your past jobs. If you have worked at an advertising agency or a PR agency, Surrey Hills provide the perfect place for you to start a small home based public relations and advertising agency of the same sort.

You might be able to start a small business that is a boutique PR agency. Bondi has numerous agencies of this nature and you should be able to get a few ideas from them about how to operate and what you will need to do to begin a business of this sort.

As you will notice it will be fairly difficult for you to get clients at the very beginning of your business because most fans will want to see a portfolio of the work you have done in the past. If you already have a portfolio from your work with previous agencies you can show this to them but if you do not have a portfolio you will need to begin by building up a portfolio.

For this you will need to ask a few family and friends who have their own business to give you the opportunity to handle their PR and advertising either for free or at a lower rate in exchange for using the work that you do in your portfolio. Unfortunately you may not be able to make a lot of money in your first month because you will be busy working to build up your portfolio. Once you have done this however, it should be fairly easy for you to start approaching clients and getting business.