Pros And Cons Of Trailer Advertising

The world of marketing and advertising has developed far from our comprehension. It has evolved into much more sophisticated and hi-tech business of its own. Advertising agencies have evolved into the multi-million dollar industry. Every day new ideas are presented in board room meetings based on tactics on how to reach the maximum audience and what techniques should be applied for effective marketing. These tactics and techniques can range into small everyday unnoticeable marketing campaigns to full-fledged marketing campaigns with aggressive advertising. International media houses and outdoor advertising companies also target national and local audience through small scale advertising by using small budget marketing tools.  

Although the presence of digital and electronic marketing is prevailing very rapidly still old fashioned marketing is still practised. One of the most common old-school ways of marketing is trailer advertising which is very effective to reach the maximum audience. This type of advertising has its own advantages and comes with its own set of pros and cons. The specifications of trailer advertising are discussed in detail below.

  • Pros of trailer advertising

Trailer advertising is considered to be one of the most common old-fashion ways of marketing products and services. Due to the large size of the vehicle, advertisers have a large surface area to work with, hence more space to cover. One of the main reason it is preferred is the fact that it is mobile and can commute around different areas. It can reach a large audience where ever it goes. Another advantage of trailer advertising is that it is not fixed, the advertised content can be changed when desired and provide more opportunities to advertise multiple products. Trailers can roam around the city and reach remote areas where installing billboards and LED screens are not possible. In a comparison of electronic and digital marketing, mobile advertising such as trailers and trucks cost less and profitable for the business as well. 

  • Cons of trailer advertising

Although trailer advertising is highly recommendable, still it has its own cons as well. Small scale businesses can not usually avail the opportunity to advertise on trailers due to the fact that they cost a lot and are not meant for the short term. These trailers usually have long routes and best suitable for highways and expressways, so localized marketing cannot be done on them. Trailer advertising is done by printing large-sized vinyl sheets, with the content printed on them. This also obviously adds to the cost of overall marketing. Trailers are booked on the bases of routes and drive-time, which is fixed and cannot be changed according to personal preference. 

Trailer advertising is suitable for businesses that are spread throughout the country and have a large advertising budget as well. The advertising agency can also add more effectiveness to the campaigns by installing sound systems on the trailers with product sampling. This will surely help them capture more audience and add a special attention feature that is the main purpose of marketing.